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Health Insurance Facility

We welcome all health insurance policies and assure you that you need not pay your bills anymore as that will be taken care of by the insurance company. We believe in transparent dealings when it comes to billing and payments.


24/7 Medical Support

We promise 24/7 medical support from our excellent staff and experienced doctors. You can vouch for our services at Roma in times of need. You can just walk in case of an emergency or call to avail our services.


Affordable Services

Offering world-class amenities and the best medical services and facilities at pocket friendly prices is the motive that has laid the foundation for Roma hospital. We offer all the treatments and therapies at an affordable cost.


Special Care Treatment

Some cases need special care and treatment. We offer the best special care and treatment with the best support from our medical and nonmedical staff.  We specialize in special care treatment as we know you are special to us.


Emergency Services

Just give us a call and we will be there for you in no time. We have 24x7 ambulance services equipped with a basic emergency kit with trained staff and experienced doctors to handle critical trauma cases.


Online Health Service

Our online doctor’s team will get in touch with you as soon as you book your appointment slot. We offer online consultation at your convenience, while you are sitting in the comforts of your home. Online treatment, online prescriptions, exchange of lab reports, and consultation all at once. We are just a call away.

Services at Roma Hospital

24 x 7 Trauma care

Trauma is a medical emergency that can occur without being informed. When it comes to trauma care at Roma Hospital, we are ready to face the challenges head-on. Our team of nurses, doctors, and other medical personnel are proactive in their approach to attending trauma care.

Full-Time Consultants – Specialty and Super Specialty

Our doctors include super-specialists and specialists who have been with us since the beginning of Roma Hospital. With the expertise in their respective fields are always available to assist you with your healing.

Joint replacement surgery

Who doesn’t want to live a painless life? Normal living is affected by pain, such as crackling knees, stiff backs, and aching joints. It can be a daily pain for seniors to perform their daily tasks. We are the best option for joint replacement surgery around the area after many treatments.

24×7 Pain clinic with Anesthetist & Ortho Surgeon

Roma Hospital got expertise and will help you live a pain-free lifestyle. to help you feel more youthful and less painful. With the help of our orthopedic specialist you can now walk confidently and lead a pain-free life.

24 x 7 Diagnostics & Radiology

We believe in cutting out the bad guys in the bud. A proper diagnosis will allow you to get the right treatment and mitigate any further damage. For an accurate diagnosis, our laboratory and diagnostic center are well-equipped with the most recent machinery and equipment.

Ultrasound Scan

There are two types of medical ultrasound: diagnostic and therapeutic. The non-invasive diagnostic ultrasound technique is used to view inside the body. Transducers are ultrasound probes that produce sound waves with frequencies higher than the threshold for human hearing (20KHz). However, most current transducers operate at much higher frequencies (in megahertz (MHz). The majority of diagnostic ultrasound probes are applied to the skin. To improve image quality, probes can be placed within the body through the gastrointestinal tract, vagina, or blood vessels. Anatomical and functional ultrasound are two types of diagnostic ultrasound. Anatomical ultrasound is used to produce images of internal organs and other structures. Functional ultrasound uses information such as movement and velocity of blood or tissue, softness, hardness of tissue, and other physical characteristics to create “information maps”. These maps are used by doctors to visualize changes in the function of an organ or structure.


2D Echo test can be used to test for Echocardiography. It also includes other types like Cardiac Ultrasonography or the 3D Echo test. The test uses sound waves to create images of the heart and para-cardiac structures. These images can then be viewed on a monitor. This test can be combined with a stress test to evaluate the heart function of a patient who is exercising at a higher rate of metabolism. 2D Echo test, a non-invasive and precise method to study the heart function, is also available.

Laminar airflow operation theatres

Operation theatres must have sterility to prevent infection. This can prove fatal. Laminar Airflow HEPA filters are the answer. The environment is kept clean and free of bacteria by absorbing any viruses or bacteria. The area is quieter due to low turbulence, making it easier for critical surgery.


Laparoscopic surgery, a minimally invasive form of surgery, uses small incisions instead of large ones as in open surgery. A laparoscope is a long, thin camera used to diagnose and treat various illnesses and conditions of the pelvis, abdomen, and chest. The surgeon can view the images by using a laparoscope, which sends images from your body.

Laparoscopic surgery can be used when other non-invasive imaging techniques, such as ultrasound, CT scan, and MRI scan, fail to help in diagnosing the problem.


This procedure can be used to treat abdominal pain, endocrine disorders, female reproductive system disorders, and hernias, as well as other conditions like liver and gallbladder problems, stomach and esophagus conditions, and liver and gallbladder ailments, and vascular issues.

Arthroscopy (Diagnostic & Therapeutic)

Arthroscopy can be used to diagnose and treat joint problems. Through a tiny incision, a surgeon inserts a narrow tube that is attached to a fiber-optic video camera. It’s about the same size as a buttonhole. A high-definition monitor transmits the view of your joint. Arthroscopy allows surgeons to view inside your joint without having to make a large incision. With additional incisions, surgeons can repair certain types of joint damage with pencil-thin surgical tools.

The most common joint condition that doctors use to diagnose and treat is the: Knee, Shoulders, Elbow, Ankle, Hip, Wrist, etc..,

Diagnostic procedures: If X-rays or other imaging studies leave some questions unanswered, doctors often resort to arthroscopy.

Laser Equipment for General & Urology Surgeries

Laser surgery is a breakthrough in medical technology. Laser surgery is a breakthrough in medical technology. It can reduce the cost and pain of surgery by a great deal. Laser equipment can be used for any surgical procedure. Lasers can be used by general surgeons to cut, coagulate and vaporize tissue. Most “laser surgery” uses the laser device instead of other tools, such as scalpels or cryosurgery probes, microwave devices, and so on. In general surgery, laser use has increased in popularity in recent years. The laser can be used to provide a tactile sensation to surgeons and to successfully cut and coagulate during colorectal, breast, and biliary procedures.


Dialysis is the procedure that removes excess fluid and waste products from the blood. It is used when the kidneys stop functioning properly. Dialysis often involves sending blood to a machine for cleaning. The kidneys filter blood and remove harmful substances and excess fluid. They then convert this into urine that can be passed out.

Your body can become contaminated with fluids and waste products. If left untreated, it can lead to many unpleasant symptoms that eventually turn into fatalities. Before this happens, dialysis removes unwanted substances and fluids.

Home hemodialysis is a method of dialysis that you will need more frequently than in a clinic. However, you can choose a plan that suits your needs and works around your lifestyle.

Peritoneal dialysis is easy to do at home. It can also be done while you are sleeping but must be performed every day.Your care team will help you decide which type of dialysis is best for you.

You will often be able to select the type of dialysis and where you would like it to take place., both techniques work equally well for most people. However, each technique has its advantages and disadvantages.

Ventilators, CPAP and BIPAP

There is a dire need for more intensive care and ventilation facilities due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Roma Hospital ICUs are well equipped with Ventilators and can handle patient care with ease.

Labour Delivery Recovery

One of the most versatile rooms within a hospital is the labor room. It is also known as a labor, recovery, and delivery room (LDR). It is the room used by most hospitals and all birth centers for their care. This is where you will be placed for labor and delivery, as well as the first hours of recovery.

The LDR can handle almost all births. The LDR can be used to deliver to women who choose to not have epidurals or for those who prefer to do so. Most rooms can handle minor emergencies, such as forceps or vacuum deliveries. This room can only be used if there is a high possibility of a cesarean, such as twin births or vaginal breech birth attempts.

Normal Painless Delivery (Entonox & Epidural).

Epidural: An epidural can be described as a local anesthetic. It numbs nerves that transmit pain impulses from your brain to your birth canal. You may feel a little feel sick or dizzy. An epidural provides pain relief in most cases. If you are experiencing prolonged or painful labor, an epidural can help. An epidural can only be given by an anesthetist.

Entonox: Nitrous oxide with oxygen is one option for pain relief during labor. This gas is also known as Entonox, laughing gas, or simply gas. It can be used to relieve pain and is safe for both patient and the baby. patient is fed the gas thru mask or mouthpiece to hold while in labor.

Chemotherapy for cancer patients

Chemotherapy, a form of cancer treatment, uses one or more anticancer drugs (chemotherapeutic agents) as part of a standardized chemotherapy program. Chemotherapy can be used to treat the disease or prolong the life of patients. Medical oncology, one of the most important medical disciplines, is dedicated to chemotherapy.

Cashless Health Insurance 

We welcome all major health insurance policies and assure you that you need not pay your bills anymore as that will be taken care of by the insurance company. We believe in transparent dealings when it comes to billing and payments. Hence invest in a health policy today and forget about the bills. To ease and quicken the pace of your health care requirements and treatments we offer you cashless insurance services. This is a mode of claim settlement where the policyholder need not have to pay cash for the treatment. The settlement of the bills is taken care of directly by the insurance company where the settlement will occur between the insurance company and the hospital. We ensure you a hassle-free settlement of your medical bills.

Roma - Covid Care Centre

Govt Approved COVID Centre

Covid 19 challenges survival instincts around the world and is a game-changer in medicine. It has revolutionized the way we think about health services. Overall well-being was the priority. Roma Hospital cares for this. Before we take on any case, we follow all Covid 19 protocols.

The pandemic forced front-line soldiers to try their best to win the tug-of-war between life and death. We were the Covid 19 Centre and we did everything possible to save many lives during the pandemic. Each day we continue to work with the same energy and enthusiasm, doing a fantastic job.

The treatment of Covid-19 patients

During peak pandemic Roma Hospital Pulmonologists and their team saved hundreds of lives, acknowledging their expertise treatment and care, Roma Hospital was identified as one of the best Government approved Covid Hospital.

Roma Hospital is equipped with dedicated Covid patient wards, private rooms, and fully equipped dedicated ICUs to serve seriously infected patients.


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