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Facilities at Roma Hospital

Friendly & Peaceful Environment

Our team of health experts and service staff are empathetic and create a positive environment amidst the despair due to ailment. They generate a friendly and peaceful environment where a person will feel at home and not as a patient in the hospital for sure.

24*7 Emergency Support

You can vouch for our emergency services in times of need 24*7, 365 days. We offer the best emergency support and our team will help you with the formalities. If you want us to reach you, then, our ambulance will reach you in no time with a doctor and a medical staff, trained enough to handle emergency cases.

Professional And Qualified Staff

Our team of doctors and other ground staff, medical and nonmedical staff are trained, experienced, and well adept in their jobs. Expertise comes with years of experience. This is so true with our team of doctors who have years of experience in dealing with the most critical cases effortlessly. They will look after you and will help you in speedy recovery.

Treatment & Rehabilitation for The Disabled

Trauma can change your life forever. Any disability is disastrous and can be mentally and physically draining causing a lot of turmoil. We have rehabilitation experts who are empathetic and will assist you in getting back to normal life. We see that disability doesn’t come in the process of healing and development.

Online Doctor Appointment

We make our presence felt online too. Connect with us to get the best treatment without rushing to the hospital unless it is an emergency. Our online doctor’s team will get in touch with you as soon as you book your appointment slot. We offer online consultation at your convenience, while you are sitting in the comforts of your home. Online treatment, online prescriptions, exchange of lab reports, and consultation all at once. We are just a call away.

Health Insurance Facility

We ensure cashless payment facilities and hassle-free billings. We are clasped hands with major insurance companies to facilitate cashless treatments. We welcome health insurance policies and assure you that you need not pay your bills anymore as that will be taken care of by the insurance company. We believe in transparent dealings when it comes to billing and payments. Hence invest in a health policy today and forget about the bills.

Infrastructure at Roma Hospital

It is important to check the infrastructure and facilities available when choosing a hospital. Roma Hospital has a world-class infrastructure to meet all your needs. We offer everything you need, from casualty wards to covid facilities, at an affordable price. Because we know that treating illnesses can be expensive, we offer services and facilities at a cost-friendly price.

5 beds Casualty with 24×7 Medical Officer

People can experience traumas and casualties unintimatedly. Even if you’re not prepared, we are capable of handling these situations. Our ambulance services are available 24/7. We can reach you quickly by calling us. With basic tools and emergency personnel, we can quickly reach you. Our proactive approach is key to our strategy because we care deeply about life. With the greatest care, our custody takes care of Critical Care cases. Our doctors are available 24 hours and take care of every detail. Our ICU/SICU/RICU is well-equipped with trained staff and 24 x 7, intensivists to oversee critical trauma cases. We are here to help you until your full recovery.

20 beds ICU/SICU/RICU, 24 x7 Intensivist & Heart Physician supervision

For patients with chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD), we have separate sections for ICU (Intensive Care Unit), SICU (surgical intensive care unit), and RICU [respiratory intermediate treatment unit]. Fully equipped with the latest technology designed for critical care and to handle medical emergencies, one can rely upon us totally while your loved ones are with us. We follow the required protocols for the patients in Critical Care units. Utmost hygiene is our moolah to keep the environment safe and infection-free for the visitors and the patients who are in the ICU.

24×7 In-house Pharmacy

Our In-House Pharmacy is open 24 hours a day and stocks everything you need, including life-saving medications. This pharmacy is conveniently located on the premises, so you don’t have to run erratically looking for medicine. This is the one-stop shop that can handle all your medicine requirements.

24 x7 Ambulance Service with Medical Officer Support

Emergency?? We can dispatch an ambulance to your location with an emergency kit and the medical staff. Our medical staff is proactive and skilled in handling emergencies. We are only a phone call away. We have a 24×7 ambulance service with a medical officer for support.

Central Oxygen Supply

A central oxygen supply is a designated area in a hospital that stores oxygen and supplies  across all patient facilities thru pipelines. Our critical care and anesthetic staff play a key role in understanding the hospital’s oxygen delivery system. Covid-19 tested the patience and time management skills of both the health care staff and patients suffering from lung infections. At Roma Hospital we are of contingency plans and to manage situation if demands. All our staff are well prepared and to assist in emergency response at the institution level for handling any eventualities

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